(1) Professional Expertise: ARI has the skills, knowledge and ability to help clients make informed marketing decisions. ARI offers customized solutions tailored to your situation or problem. Your project recommendations are always understandable, actionable and relevant to the research objective.

(2) Research Integrity: Advantage Research is not affiliated with a product or organization, therefore ARI can offer clients unbiased recommendations which are not tainted by traditional thinking or political influence. ARI will never withhold, falsify or alter information to protect a vested interest.

(3) Flexibility and Affordability: When an individual or business needs the service of a professional consultant, there is a temporary demand for specialized expertise. The utilization of a consultant is a cost effective way to manage a business because you get the experience and training you need without the expense of a full time employee. ARI is committed to solving problems quickly and efficiently - so managers can spend more time focusing on the things they do best.

(4) Advanced Data Gathering/Processing Capabilities: New technology combined with the growth of the Internet have changed the face of business including the marketing profession. ARI has capitalized on this medium by offering online surveys for clients who need essential information that's delivered faster and less expensively. Online surveys also offer better response rates compared to questionnaires sent through the mail.

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