The delivery and management of modern healthcare is a challenging endeavor.  In recent years, the healthcare industry has been under significant pressure from patients, employers and the government to reduce costs.  Ironically the same groups demanding cost reductions are now concerned that the quality of healthcare has been compromised under managed care. 


This concern has created a demand for objective performance information by which healthcare  providers can be measured.  ARI surveys and focus groups help medical practitioners obtain a better understanding of the patient experience so they can formulate new initiatives which promote positive changes.  The popularity of elective medical procedures should also be assessed before savvy practitioners consider the lease or purchase of new equipment needed for these procedures.  ARI opportunity assessments can measure the pulse of the marketplace so you can make decisions based on facts instead of speculation.


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Click here to see a detailed example of how ARI used a survey to perform an advertising evaluation for an ophthalmology practice.

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