Academic performance affects every aspect of our lives, from a winning science fair exhibit to the discovery of new medicines for Alzheimer’s patients.  That’s why ARI is committed to the improvement of educational initiatives.  ARI offers customized  quantitative and qualitative marketing research projects for public school districts, public and private universities and adult education programs.  ARI works with students, teachers, parents and policymakers to assess and develop educational programs that make a difference.   


When you want to better understand the opinions of students, alumni, faculty and parents, turn to ARI.  ARI can help your district establish specific plans to increase student motivation, parental involvement and employee productivity.  Recommendations from your project provide useful insights into the educational experience of your constituents.  This information ultimately empowers your district with the intelligence it needs to accomplish its educational mission.  Survey or focus group research also helps institutions of higher education position themselves to attract the students they want and retain their graduates as active alumni.


Services Offered: 

Click here to see a detailed example of how ARI used segmentation research to help the Alumni Association maximize their membership retention.

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