A focus group is a small group of people brought together and guided by a moderator through a spontaneous discussion about a topic of relevant importance.  The goal of an ARI focus group is to draw out the subtle perceptions, attitudes and motivations concerning specific issues which are typically obscured by structured methods of data collection.      


A focus group is one of the most popular forms of qualitative marketing research because it reveals the needs, motives, perceptions and attitudes of your customers.  This often generates useful ideas for innovative services and product improvement.  How do customers really feel about a specific issue which is relevant to your business?  Focus groups are an indispensable resource for regaining contact with your customers. 


Applications of focus group research include:


  • Hypotheses development
  • Advertising concept evaluation
  • New idea generation/brainstorming
  • Evaluation of new promotions/products
  • Positioning strategies for new products/services

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