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ARI embraces a business philosophy of adaptability and responsiveness.  ARI realizes that applications for marketing research exist in many industries.  What benefits do consumers see in our product?  What is the potential demand for new products/services?  These are universal questions for marketing professionals who need business intelligence for strategic decisions.  ARI provides this service in the form of qualitative and quantitative research techniques which address these questions and the issues that are unique to each and every client.


Regardless of your situation, ARI only recommends marketing research when it is truly needed.  If you want to gain a better understanding of the marketplace or customer experience, then you probably have a need for marketing research.  When business decisions warrant marketing research, ARI starts the process by interviewing your management team to gain a clear understanding of the problem or situation.  This form of exploratory research is of vital importance because it helps us establish measurable research objectives.  Having a clear vision of the problem or opportunity also keeps your project focused and on track.


When custom research does not require the collection of data from a survey or focus group, ARI seeks secondary information from almanacs, encyclopedias, references guides, online databases and professional directories.  This is a cost effective alternative to primary research if the data is relevant to the situation under investigation.  Secondary information can also be used to supplement primary marketing research.  When published data does not suit the problem at hand, ARI recommends research designs which utilize primary data.  Examples of primary data collection techniques include focus groups and customer satisfaction surveys.


Data collection forms and questionnaires are always designed to measure the key variables associated with your project’s research objective.  Survey questions are carefully worded to minimize question bias which might influence respondents’ answers.  The placement of questions is also carefully evaluated during the development of a customized survey.  This technique ensures a maximum completion rate for your project.  After gaining approval from the client, ARI will pretest the questionnaire with a small group of representative participants.  Subsequent revisions will be performed as needed until the final design is accepted by the client.        


When projects require primary research, ARI develops sample plans which truly represent your population of interest.  Random samples can be drawn from your database or purchased from reliable marketing research organizations.  Other practitioners may advocate a simplistic rule of thumb approach in determining sample size.  i.e. A sample should be at least 5% of the population to be accurate.  This method is never used by ARI because the selection method, not the size of the sample, determines a sample’s representativeness.  In other words, a  sample can be a very small percentage of the total population and still offer a high degree of accuracy and cost efficiency.


The gathering of data is often considered to be one of the most time consuming elements of the marketing research process.  For secondary research this typically involves searching the web for the information you need.  ARI knows where to look-so you can spend more time focusing on the things you do best.  Advances in technology have dramatically reduced the data gathering process for primary research like online surveys.  Compared to conventional surveys, online data collection gets the job done faster and less expensively.  Consequently, online surveys are the preferred method for quantitative data collection.     


In order to give raw data meaning, ARI uses statistical techniques.  Statistical  information helps to summarize your project and it provides understandable conceptualizations.  In spite of their best intentions, many consultants will not explain statistical implications.  These situations often intimidate and confuse clients.  ARI  has the expertise necessary to perform and interpret statistical concepts so the results of your project can be implemented to their maximum advantage.  Communicating the results of your project is the culmination of the entire process.  This task is accomplished by the delivery of a concise report with understandable conclusions and focused recommendations.         

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