The cooperation of respondents and clients is of vital importance to the marketing research profession, therefore it is imperative that they collaborate on projects in an environment of trust and privacy.  ARI is deeply committed to the professional treatment of clients and respondents.  Consequently all projects are characterized by adherence to ethical guidelines developed by the Council of American Survey Research Organizations.      




Relationships between ARI and its clients are characterized by honesty, integrity and confidentiality.


ARI protects the confidentiality of anything learned about a client’s business as a result of access to strategic or sensitive information.


Completed projects are the property of clients and ARI will not release or reveal this information under any circumstances without expressed prior approval from the client.




Respondents have a right to be appropriately informed about a survey’s intentions and how their personal information and survey responses will be used and protected.


The identity of individual respondents will not be disclosed to third parties-including clients and members of the public, unless the respondent expressly requests such a disclosure.


ARI will never use research as a guise for sales or solicitation purposes.


Electronic equipment, such as audio or video recordings, will only be used with the knowledge and consent of respondents.


ARI will not use unsolicited e-mail to recruit respondents for survey research.




ARI is committed to research integrity, therefore it will not withhold, falsify or alter research conclusions to protect a vested interest.


ARI has a professional obligation to ensure that a sample is representative of a defined population and that the conclusions from research are an accurate portrayal of the sample. 


ARI will report research results accurately and honestly and describe how the research was performed with enough detail that it could be replicated if needed.  


ARI will create and recommend a research design that is relevant to a client’s problem or situation.  This includes advising a prospective client not to conduct marketing research when it is deemed unnecessary.


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