Your customers should be the driving force behind your marketing decisions.  Market segmentation is based on the concept that different types of consumers have unique requirements and these differences can and should be used as the basis for your marketing strategies.  Segmentation research also helps clients identify groups that respond differently to marketing activities such as advertising, branding, promotion, pricing and product design. 


Consequently astute managers are the ones that customize their marketing mix to each target market using demographic, lifestyle and purchase preference data.  A one size fits all marketing strategy usually results in a less-than-optimal use of the marketing budget.  ARI segmentation research helps clients identify significant needs, preferences and behaviors so they can tailor marketing strategies around the customers who are most likely to purchase their products or services.  This allows clients to allocate resources more efficiently by focusing on the most attractive customer segments and developing products and advertising targeted specifically for these consumers.


Click here to see a detailed example of how ARI used segmentation research to help the Alumni Association maximize their membership retention.

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